The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, N.Y.

The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, N.Y.
One of My Favorite Places on Earth

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer, How I Love Thee...

Beautiful as the Adirondacks are, living here is a package deal that includes the existence of wildly uneven seasons. And guess which is the shortest? Since I’m not into winter carnivals or downhill skiing, I tend to start counting the days to solstice right around Labor Day. But until then, these are some of the things I’ve been drinking in while the sun is still shining at 7 p.m.:

The Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Even the walk in is lovely

The New York City Ballet

If you zoom in, you’ll see that it was in fact “American Girl” night at the ballet.

Making It Elegant

Two industrious ladies from Albany named Jinx and Mary started this tradition about a decade ago. Every summer, they load their cars with banquet tables, flatware, a candelabra, and all the other ingredients necessary for a moveable feast and head to the ballet in high culinary style:

Blueberry Season
Blueberries picked at Winney’s Blueberry Farm in Bacon Hill

Maggie The Wonder Dog, along for the ride...

The Hollyhocks at Sheldon Farm

…and their fried fish on Sundays

Growing herbs on the balcony

The Hudson River encased in a palate of emerald

Booksignings at Red Fox Books in Glens Falls

Kim Sunee autographs her best-selling memoir, ‘Trail of Crumbs.’

The man who lands the big names: Suvir Saran, owner of Devi restaurant in Manhattan and author of "American Masala" and "Indian Home Cooking" cookbooks. I speak from experience: Suvir's books will change your life.

And the one who really has my Heart: Lake George

Where I Swim

Thank God for Mrs. Lapham! She's the one who provides this incomparable and stunning swimming hole. And the drive in isn't bad either:

I know he stuck pretty much to The Berkshires, but sometimes it feels like Emerson’s Spirit casts a veil over this spot:


Anonymous said...

This blog entry REALLY made me homesick. There is nothing like summer inthe Adirondacks (unless you count Fall, my other favorite season!)
I absolutely love your photography. It makes me want to BE there! I also used to go blueberry picking at Winnie's.
Thanks for making me smile with all those memories. : )
Great blog!!

Serena Kovalosky said...

We are SO lucky to live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, and your blog post is a great reminder to really take the time to search out all the wonderful, yet simple things to do here that feed the soul!

Sarah Viola said...

You really capture the essence of the ADK's!

Rebecca said...

Brings back a flood of memories! THANKS for the wonderful blast from the past.