The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, N.Y.

The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, N.Y.
One of My Favorite Places on Earth

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Avon Marathon: Went The Distance!

All those weeks of training religiously (and declining a food writer's trip to Italy) paid off. I went, I walked, and I didn't even get a blister. How Miraculous is that? All those long-distance walks from home to Flex Appeal, coupled with the Broken Tables, Road Warriors, and Crunches from the YRG DVD's whipped me into a Marathon-Ready state of being. Even more Miraculous? Walking 20 miles the first day. I was hoping to get to 13. And when I did, I inexplicably wanted to keep going. Good thing, the view from the Brooklyn Bridge is spectacular. The whole weekend was inspiring and humbling. Thousands of participants had names emblazoned on their backs of mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends either lost to or suffering with breast cancer. Every step I took, through Riverside Park, Harlem, Chelsea Market, and City Hall Park, was in Gratitude for my health:

Pre-Dawn at the Pier

Taking the A Train home after 20 miles, and too catatonic for a thumbs-up

Renewed strength on day two

Avon even appointed court jesters to keep us laughing...

Like the hot pink pashmina? Did a little street vendor shopping on Fifth.

The loyal and supportive Sarah & John made the trek from upstate to welcome me over the finish line

My Brooklyn Bridge Sistas

The adorable Kathy 'KT' Travis, who magnanimously got me an audience with:

SUZE! Who's dazzingly lovely in person...

Yes, the day got even more perfect: Middle Eastern-Mediterranean fusion with Aunt Connie at Taboon. And she brought me French Tulips!


Sarah Viola said...

What an inspiration!

Serena Kovalosky said...

You did it! And you looked absolutely fantastic in every picture. Your incredible discipline (turning down a trip to Italy - THAT'S impressive!)and hard work to raise sponsors is an inspiration to us all - NOTHING is impossible for you now! You are an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You look marvelous in pink! I am so proud of YOU--challenging YOU and succeeding! You are continuing to change from the inside out! Way to go my friend! Athena

Grace said...

nixing a trip to italy speaks a great deal to your dedication--bravo, stacey! walking 20 miles in one day is certainly no easy task, and i commend you for, as you put it, going the distance! a little middle eastern and mediterranean grub is a fine reward for a job well done. :)

Jacalyn said...

Stacey Love, We had not doubt that you would rise to the occasion from the day you decided you wanted to complete this walk. We think of you walking all those miles and for what a wonderful cause. I see Cassie Cetnar smiling upon you Stacey. You have not ceased to amaze us Stacey with all that you tackle and accomplish. What a true inspiration you are. You look absolutely radiant and you deserve every ounce of happiness that you feel. May you continue to achieve your goals and continue to sparkle from the inside and out! You are gorgeous in every way.
We love you! Jackie, Ray, Gregorio and Julia

Khethi said...

I'm inspired, way to my friend!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on surpassing your goal!!! You have amazed and inspired us all. I can't wait to hear about your next adventure. The sky's the limit! Way to go!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Stace!!!
What a TRIUMPH!!! To say I am impressed is a huge understatement. You have bowled me over with your accomplishment. I am so proud of you and totally THRILLED for you!! I can't imagine how amazing it must have felt to cross that finish line. I love your determination. Once you set your goal, nothing was going to get in your way (not even a trip to Italy!!) You are an incredible example to me and so many others. Thank you for this "feel good" REAL LIFE story! I love it and I love you!!!

Bernie said...

This is a wonderful testament to the determination and endurance of a person who really wants something badly. And how many of us there are. Your post is a wonderful inspiration to those who are in the same boat and think they cannot make it. Kudos to you, gal.

And thanks for visiting my blog.